..but only you can stretch a smile across my face (almost_kind) wrote,
..but only you can stretch a smile across my face

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even though we aint got money----i'm soooo inlove with ya hunny!

Life-good  most of the times

ending my junior year--i can not believe next year will be my last year and I GRADUATE! then I really have to grow up.. hm
also someone write my 12 page anthro fieldwork paper  and do my history final--thanks!

central this weekend--maybe soaring eagle..this time if i win--i will save it

FML story.
I went to soaring eagle and won 300 dollars. spent some on the weekend--to survive...
on my way back to state--i got my first ticket ever--bye bye winnings... 
haha   BOOOooooooooooooooooOOO

me and kevins 11 months is friday----unbelievable   I feel like its been that long then I feel like it hasnt    which is a good thing--I feel comfortable but it still feels brand new.   :o)      

Opposites attract because they are not really opposites, but complementaries  :o)

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