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i need a vacation... I wish I could afford one *sigh*

i hate paying bills...i hate paying rent.  I hate thinking of how to make one meal turn into two meals because I dont have enough money to pay for two separate meals..   I hate being jobless and not having any time to get one.  Volunteering 10 hours a week ....it maybe a good idea in the long run for my future BUT ITS NOT PAYIN MY BILLS.  I hate stressing over exams.. my head hurts  i think i permanently have a headache.   I seriously wish I could spend the rest of my life curled up in my bed in kevins arms. thats it.   fuck my gpa, exams, money, essays, cold weather, BILLS AND everything that causes me extreme stress.  next semester Im goin to kill myself.. i have class mon through thursday all day and some how have to fit in volunteering. Also hopefully cierra gets me a job at Champs, so basically FUCK FUDSHVJKXSBVKBDFSIVBG  Im goin to soaring eagle thursday night with Kevin...i'm only using 5 dollars--maybe I'll win the jackpot! *CROSSES FINGERS*   Also i'm visiting the homeland this weekend--it's been awhile  can't wait to hold my puppies :o) weezie's had some back problems so I must come to his rescue.    note: I literally have no money to buy anyone christmas gifts this year---so uh sorry hugs for everyone

is it thursday night yet?  :o(

P.S. I also hate that its almost two...and im wakin up in like 6 hours to take a stupid exam  FML
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