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summer is ending soon...very upsetting.

It seems the closer it gets to the end of summer the more stuff keeps piling up on my to do list...really i just wanna sit and do nothing. But sadly i can not because to finish summer classes, work as much possible to get money to survive off of next year..., hang out with my friends a good amount before I don't get to see them as much, shopping for my living arrangements this year--Im moving into my own place and Im sooooo stoked!! Like I'm going to be living on my own and do whatever I want!  I have to get so much, Im so excited!  But I know when i move in i means no more summer and back to class everyday. Also, it means kevin will then live an hour away...  It will be fine though...sad but fine.  He is determined that will be fine and I believe him.  He makes me happy and I love spending my time with him.     :o)

Im moving either the 17th or 18th.
so if you want to hang out or see me or whatever-get a hold of me!!
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