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So much to say....

Sometimes....turning to livejournal to vent a little ..HELPS>    I have been dreaming of Lauren for the past three nights..  The first were she was there but she wasn't saying a word to me.  I was just trying to get to her.  But last night...It was me and her- I was expected her not to say anything me then out of nowhere she was talking to me like old times   My dream self bursted into tears cuz i knew she was gone but I forgotten how her voice sounded...I cried to her how I missed her and how I wanted to talk to her and be with her.  She sat with me and told me to be happy and she loved me.  It felt so real...       You know you give yourself excuses to why its hard right now...why you miss her the most today...really you will miss them forever.  I know I'm going to always have the urge to text her to tell her about my day or vent about my life ....n I'm always going to have to tell myself over and over again that I can't ...that when people die--they really are gone     All I have are my dreams.. random nights where I meet with her to tell her about my life and cry to her about everything.  I almost like to think that she is coming to me when she knows I need to talk to her (hah)  Still doing her best friend duties in my dreams <3        
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