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I really have bad luck with my physical health...

long story short....side/tummy pains monday turned into an E.R. visit which turned into cat scans and tests.  lead to extreme pain and many tears with awesome drugs that took me to another world.  Admitted to the hospital on strong drugs there till Thursday with really no idea if i was getting surgery or not.  Came out with knowing I have diverticulitis which is stupid sacks of horrible in my colon that can inflame and cause extreme pain.  Lucky me has this..lucky me had to see a butt doctor to hear im hear youngest patient with this! hah basically I have to eat high fiber diet and hope it doesnt do it again...if it happens a lot more  surgery it is and a chunk of my colon gone... wooo

note hospitals sucks but people visiting me and bringing me flowers is nice and gifts :o)  thanks friends and boyfriend.   Also, thanks MSU for letting me now have 6 weeks to do those papers instead of the week I was suppose to do it.

that was my week of joy...

i have to catch my breath when i see your face,
hear your name or even think of you. because you are exactly
what i've been waiting for my whole life. if this is a dream,
i never want to wake up. i've fallen for you

but everything else in life seems to be on the right track  :o)
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